Pearl Jam - Come back

I have been planning out
All that I'd say to you
Since you slipped away
Know that I still remain true
I've been wishin' out the days
Please say that if you hadn't have gone now
I wouldn't have lost you another way
From wherever you are
Oh oh oh oh
Come back
If I don't fall apart
Will my memory stay clear?

So you had to go
And I had to remain here
But the strangest thing to date
So far away and yet you feel so close
I'm not going to question it any other way
It must be an open door for you
To come back



2 Responses to "Interlúdio"

  1. pinguim Says:


  2. Natacha Says:

    Um grande beijinho, Pinguim :)

    Pearl Jam, não são necessárias mais palavras ;)

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